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Moles are cylindrical mammals that are primarily underground burrowers. The name comes from a conjugation of a German word for dirt and a Danish word for throwing, so they are named “dirt throwers” or ones who throw dirt.

Moles have velvety fur

Tiny or invisible ears and eyes

Short, powerful legs and arms with large paws for digging

Extra thumb on each hand

Moles can survive in low-level oxygen environments, such as underground burrows, by reusing oxygen inhaled above ground

Eat earthworms and other insects found in soil (totaling about half their body weight each day)

Saliva contains a toxin that paralyzes worms to store them for later consumption

Construct underground “larders” to store paralyzed worms until ready to eat
Have 1 to 2 young per year, which rapidly grow into adults in only a few short months

Mole burrowing can destroy root systems, causing damage to grass and turf or plants

Consists of trapping or baiting the runs

Find the feeding tunnels vs the travel tunnels