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There can be up to 13 termite colonies per acre in the southern U.S.

Termite soldiers have rectangular shaped heads

Termite swarmers occur during the spring, usually after a rain shower, and are dark in color, ranging up to 1/2 inch in size

Workers are 3/8 inch in size or less and comprise the majority of the population

Beneficial insects when they consume fallen timber and other cellulose material

Recycle wood and other plant material and help aerate the soil

Become a pest when they try to recycle the structural timbers of a home

Responsible for more than 2 billion dollars of damage to homes in the United States every year

Cause more damage in an average year than fires, floods, and tornadoes

A termite colony may contain several hundred thousand individuals and there may be up to 12 termite colonies in an acre in some parts of the country

Bait systems may be placed around the perimeter of a home, such as Sentricon

Liquid termiticides may be applied