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Cicada Killer Bees

Cicada killer bees appear similar to a large yellow jacket

1-1 5/8″ long

Black or rusty in color with yellow markings on first 3 abdominal segments

Solitary; do not live in colonies or nests

Nest in areas of bare ground

Females dig burrows 1/2″ in diameter and can extend 10″ deep

Females feed on cicadas (insect)

Emerge from burrows in Summer, usually July or August

There can be many burrows in a small area

Soil from burrows can be unsightly

Holes may be apparent in the lawn where burrows have been established

Very low potential for stings, only sting if handled. Males cannot sting

Stings may be life threatening to sensitive individuals

A product may be applied to the area where the cicada killers are digging burrows

Eliminate bare ground areas to make it less appealing to them

Cicada killers are beneficial insects and are therefore only controlled when absolutely necessary