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Bumble Bees

¼-1 inch long

Large and clumsy looking

Yellow and black striped, extremely fuzzy

Females may sting if provoked

Hind most set of legs flattened to help carry pollen

Nest underground

Nests common in old mouse burrows or dense clumps of grass

Nests may not be visible or obvious

May sting or enact other forms of defense if threatened. Stings may cause an allergic reaction

Treatment is only done if the bees pose a threat, for example someone with extreme allergic reactions to stings

It is possible to make the habitat less hospitable to the bees by keeping lawns trimmed, limiting the number of flowering plants present, and discouraging mouse populations

Bees are protected as pollinators, so treatment is only enacted when the bees are deemed a nuisance, and removal is always the first choice over other treatment options