Our Commercial Team specializes in providing termite protection businesses in and around Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Without termite protection, termite infestations and damage can create unplanned expenses that will affect your bottom line.

A representative from our Commercial Team will perform a FREE termite inspection and then customize a treatment plan to protect your business from termites while meeting your needs. Call us today at 888.466.7849 or fill out the Free Consultation form to schedule a free termite inspection.

Termite Treatment Options

Termite baiting systems are the most environmentally friendly treatment option available today to eliminate and prevent termites. Compared to liquid termite treatments that require large amounts of product application, baiting systems use only a few grams of active ingredient when and where needed.

The Sentricon System

Termite baiting systems are the most environmentally friendly option available today to combat termites. Termite bait stations are strategically placed around your commercial property. The stations are monitored on a routine basis for termite activity by a highly trained Northwest Exterminating representative. Once termites are found in one or more stations, we will place termite bait in the station(s) where activity is present. Termites will feed on the bait and then share the bait with other termites in their colony. Termite baiting is an on-going process of inspecting, monitoring and baiting.

Soil Treatments

In our Soil Treatments we use the most innovative products on the market. The new generation of termiticides are known as nonrepellents. Previously, all termiticides repelled termites by creating a barrier around the structure. The problem here was that termites found gaps or break-downs in the barrier and tunnelled their way into the structure. The new generation of nonrepellent termiticides are undetectable by termites. Therefore, they come in contact with, ingest, and share the termiticide with their colony. The method of application for this type of treatment differs based on the structure being treated.

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