Our Commercial Services Team uses a targeted approach to identify mosquito resting areas such as shrubs, ivy, tall grass, and other shaded areas. If mosquitoes are causing issues on your property, this service is a must to allow your tenants and customers to enjoy the outdoor facilities during the Spring and Summer months with less hassle from those pesky mosquitoes. Don’t let mosquitoes drive your customers away!

Northwest’s Green Mosquito Reduction Program consists of inspection, identification and source reduction.  Limited product is applied in areas needed to control and reduce mosquitoes.

  • Inspection: breeding sites, resting areas, potential concerns when applying adulticides
  • Identification: areas of treatment and any current breeding sites
  • Source reduction: eliminating breeding sites and the success rate of mosquito breeding on property
  • Larvicide treatment: targets standing water or areas where potential breeding exists such as bird baths, ponds, flower pots, containers, marshes, creeks, flooded areas, etc.
  • Adulticide treatment: targets adult mosquito resting areas (shrubs, plants, ivy, weeds, small trees, shaded areas, etc.)

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